Why Asbestos Removal Isn’t a DIY Job

Asbestos is a naturally occurring type of mineral fiber. It’s flame resistant and acts as a decent insulator. For these reasons, it was commonly used in insulation and building materials in the 1900s. The dangers of asbestos exposure were confirmed in the 1980s and its usage was severely restricted. However, plenty of buildings in the USA that were built or renovated during this period still contain asbestos. When these old Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) are damaged, the asbestos becomes loose. It can lead to health issues for anyone who is exposed. Asbestos removal is not a job you should try and DIY. Today, we’re covering the top reasons why you NEED to use professional asbestos removal services.

Asbestos is Dangerous

Asbestos exposure is dangerous over an extended period. Generally speaking, people who work manufacturing or construction jobs that handle asbestos or ACMs are the most at risk. However, people who are exposed to large amounts in short time frames may also be at risk. There is no safe minimum level of asbestos exposure. Because of its structure, asbestos can break down into thin microscopic particles. If those particles are inhaled, they can cause many medical issues. Asbestos has been linked to many dangerous, and sometimes deadly, health conditions. Mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer, is one asbestos-related health condition that can prove fatal. Asbestosis is another asbestos-linked condition that causes fibrosis in the lungs. Unfortunately, there is no way to eyeball whether or not your building has ACMs inside without testing.

You Need to Test for Asbestos

The only way to determine whether or not a building has asbestos present is to have a professional test done. As a general rule, if your home or building was built or remodeled before the 1980s, there is a high possibility that there is asbestos present. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Asbestos-lined floor tiles
  • Plaster or concrete wall panels
  • Corrugated roofing
  • Condensation-preventative insulation under sinks
  • Concrete water heater shields

Since materials need to be damaged to take a sample, Elite Restoration highly recommends that people don’t try and collect their own samples for testing. Instead, call a professional asbestos testing team to collect their own samples. 

The Asbestos Abatement Process is Extensive

During the asbestos removal process, the work area needs to be completely sealed off. Asbestos fibers can be microscopically small. Sealing in the work area ensures that asbestos fibers do not drift into other areas of the building. This usually means that several rooms will need to be tented off. Safe asbestos abatement also requires the use of special personal protective equipment (PPE). Respirators are a must! Finally, the area needs to be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed to ensure that all of the loose fibers are safely removed. Otherwise, fibers may settle on floors, in carpets, along walls, or even inside HVAC ductwork. From there, it can be circulated through the air. For all of these reasons, it’s always the right choice to use a professional asbestos abatement company for your project. 

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