Check These 5 Things to Prevent a Bedroom Fire

Any fire in your home is bad, but one of the most dangerous places to have a fire is in the bedroom. Unfortunately, that is where most fires start! Bedroom fires can be fatal, but the good news is that there are many things you can do to avoid fire hazards in the bedroom. We will discuss below the most common causes of bedroom fires and what action you can take to avoid them.

Misusing Electrical Equipment

There are many ways to misuse electrical equipment that could lead to a fire. Make sure you aren’t plugging in any cords near your bed, curtains, clothes, or rags. Double-check that cords aren’t trapped near the wall or under carpets or rugs. It is easy for any of these electrical items to get too hot or short circuit, and start a fire, so be sure that you are using extension cords appropriately and they aren’t working too hard.

Unattended Electrical Devices

Don’t ever leave electrical devices unattended in your bedroom. Space heaters should be level and kept far from flammable items at all times. Even a laptop left on your bed can overheat and start a fire. If you need to charge electronic devices, try to do it during the day when you’re awake.

Check Electrical Appliances

Faulty appliances are one of the major causes of fires, especially during the winter months when you use more heat, lights, and gadgets. If you notice a cord that is cracked or frayed, replace it. If any electrical appliance malfunctions, replace it immediately.


Children are curious and it is up to you to make sure lighters and matches are out of their reach. It’s also a good idea to remove as many combustible items from their room as possible, like paper, rags, and curtains. Keep your children safe by having an open dialogue with them about the dangers of fire.


Smoking in the bedroom also puts you at great risk of starting a fire. If you choose to smoke, make sure to never do it in bed.

Paying attention to these small details could save a life. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to avoid fire hazards, you can rest easy knowing your bedroom is safe. We recommend that along with these precautions, to set up an emergency plan so that your family will be prepared in the worst of situations.