Featured Fire Project

Fire Damage Restoration

This home in Twin Falls County was destroyed by an electrical fire. Our team requested by the home owners, quickly responded to the call. When the property was safe to enter and we got the okay from the Fire Marshal, we began a full assessment of the damage and determined how to best serve the home owner and care for their property in this particular circumstance. After communicating with the Insurance Adjuster, Insurance Agent and the Home Owners, we quickly got to work with a full inventory of their personal belongings including the belongings they had unfortunately lost. We photographed each item, placed barcode labels on them for identification, cleaning and storage purposes. We then properly boxed the items to come back to our contents cleaning facility in Twin Falls, where our cleaning manger and team began the restoration process for the salvageable items and kept them for safe keeping until the project was complete.

Our demo team then began the process of safely removing the charred remains of the structure and began the cleaning process. Once the home was in a manageable state, we worked to create a home the Home Owners would love! They worked with our Estimator to determine the perfect look for their new home and the products they would like to use to rebuild it.

The process of cleaning, demoing, designing and completely rebuilding this home took a short six months and was completed just in time for the family to spend their holidays in their new dream home.