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Water Flooding in Twin Falls, ID

Restoring a Twin Falls Home After Extensive Water Damage

Disasters happen when we least expect them. This flood was one of the worst we've seen in a long time. Luckily, the home was empty, but it was still severely damaged. We were called to this home the day after Christmas 2016 in Twin Falls County. The home sustained tremendous damage from water and ice. The source was a water line that broke inside of an upstairs bathroom because it had frozen due to the weather conditions. The water damaged this home for the duration of approximately five days. The water damaged many rooms, from the third-floor bathroom all the way to the basement.

Upon arrival that morning, our team first made sure the water well was shut off, no longer allowing the water to cause damage. We verified that the power was not on so the property would be safe to enter. Upon entering, the team performed a damage assessment. After communicating with the home owner and their insurance company, we extracted water from the basement. The water level was seven feet deep in the basement, taking approximately eight hours to remove.

Our drying equipment and a HeatPro 700 helped us save the day. The team heated the interior of the property to approximately 120 degrees, drying it completely in just a few days. To finish the process, our team of technicians removed the damaged structures so we could begin the restoration. While it's easy to overlook, water damage can be a big problem, and fighting it can be difficult. Preventative action and understanding water damage should be your first steps in keeping your home safe and damage free.