Common Toilet Problems & How to Fix them Yourself

We talk a lot about water damage, and that’s because it can not only cause as much physical damage to a house as fire can, but it can also be incredibly frustrating to deal with. One common source of water damage is something we’re all bound to use multiple times a day: the toilet…and there are multiple reasons we don’t … Read More

Summer Damage Prevention Projects for Your Home

Summer is officially here! When it comes to home restoration and damage prevention concerns, summertime doesn’t seem to have many suggestions beyond fire safety. But summer is actually a great time to work on preventative home projects. Look in and around your home this summer to see what needs your space might have. Check Filters, Vents, and Fans Replace your … Read More

Common Kitchen Problems to Check ASAP

The kitchen is the heart of the home…but it can also be a source of major damage if problems are left alone for too long. This damage is often the result of either fire or water, and it can be devastating – not to mention expensive! If your kitchen is suffering from any of the following problems, make sure they … Read More

Cause of Washer Leaks and How to Fix Them

leaking washer foaming with soap bubble needs fixed

Remember that old prank call kids used to make where they’d ask if someone’s refrigerator was running, and when the person responded yes, they’d abruptly laugh into the phone, “well, you better go catch it?” Good times. But while a running appliance is a good thing, finding a puddle in your laundry room is not. Water by your washer means … Read More

5 Inexpensive Ways to Unclog Your Drain Fast

A slow sink drain is a common plumbing problem that’s not only annoying and inconvenient but can also lead to major water damage if not taken care of. Typically, the bathroom sink is the victim of slow drainage, often caused by the build-up of hair and debris, as well as soap and other products that are washed down the drain … Read More

How to Clean Your Chimney

Gas fireplaces are easy to use, but there’s nothing quite like a real wood-burning fireplace But only a real wood-burning fireplace. It’s a staple of a cozy home! However, a chimney that reluctantly draws smoke can lead to poor indoor air quality or even lead to a terrifying chimney fire. Both of these problems is usually caused by a dirty … Read More

Why You Need Gutter Extensions

Every homeowner knows the importance of rain gutters, as they play a vital role in protecting your home from water damage. Many homeowners have even invested in downspouts to aid their rain gutters in function. However, many homeowners are unaware of the benefits of downspout extensions. You need both downspouts and downspout extensions if you want to be sure that … Read More

How to Fix a Fridge Leak in 7 Simple Steps

Whether at work or at home, we all rely on our refrigerators. And when our friend the fridge starts leaking, we feel like we’re crying right alongside it! Appliance repair can be pricey and purchasing a new fridge can be even pricier, so what’s a hungry homeowner to do? If your fridge’s water line has sprung a leak, don’t fret! … Read More

How to Keep Mold Out of Your Crawl Space

Most homeowners are aware of potential sources for water damage – basements, bathrooms, appliances, water heaters, pipes, and winter weather. But not everyone considers crawl spaces as a potential source. Water vapor rises naturally from exposed soil, which is the common flooring choice for most crawl spaces. Moisture in crawl spaces can become problematic. In fact, it’s the most damaging … Read More

How to Maintain Your Water Softener

You’ve probably heard of “hard water” and “soft water,” but what exactly are they? Hard water is water that contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium, or other minerals, which groundwater takes on by dissolving it from soil and rock. If your water is hard, it usually shows itself in scaly, scummy buildup in and on pipes, shower stalls, coffee makers, … Read More