Do It Yourself Flood Clean Up

flood clean up needs to be done on this house

If your home or the home of a neighbor or loved one has recently experienced major flooding or water damage due to weather, natural disasters, or appliance malfunctions, this article is for you. There are several steps to take before the rebuilding of a water-damaged area can occur, so be sure to hit these flood clean up steps before you … Read More

How to Prepare Your Home for a Winter Storm

While a winter storm may be the main ingredient for a cozy day indoors, it can also mean major damage to your home or business if you’re not properly prepared. Here are things you can do before and after a winter storm – whether it’s ice, snow, sleet, wind, rain, or a little bit of everything – to ensure your … Read More

How to Properly Clean Rain Gutters

A man cleaning out his rain gutters after reading our how to guide

While cleaning out your home’s rain gutters can be an easily forgotten chore, it’s an important one to tackle at least once a year (preferably twice, in the spring and fall). When your rain gutters go without cleaning for too long, it can lead to problems like insect infestation, roof damage, clogged downspouts, damaged landscaping below, and water-damaged basements or … Read More

How to Properly Clean Window Wells

A clean window well with condensation on the outside with some water leaking through to the inside. Clean window wells help keep out the elements and make necessary escape safer and easier.

These days if you have a basement in your home, you need to have at least one egress window. Egress is another term for “exit,” and these windows are vital for escape in case of an emergency. Besides their safety feature, clean window wells give basements more natural light than ever before, making them feel less like basements and more … Read More

10 Emergency Supplies Every Home Should Have

Whether it’s a flood, famine, or fire, emergencies can take us by surprise. It could be a small house fire that’s quickly put out but costs you thousands in restoration, or it could be the evacuation of an entire area due to a natural disaster. Then there are circumstances that may not be classified as an emergency, but that we … Read More

Backyard Fire Pit Safety Tips

Summer is winding down, and fall is about to begin. It’s the time of the year that’s perfect for apple picking, pumpkin spice, and grabbing that sweater before you head out the door…just in case. But it’s also prime time for backyard campfires! S’mores roasting parties, hot dogs, and scary stories around the fire has been an American tradition for … Read More

How to Tell If Your Home Has Mold

Does my home have mold?

Mold…everything about the word is negative. No one wants to see mold on their food, but especially not in their home. Mold can not only cause damage to your home, but also to your health. According to Green Home Solutions, toxic mold exposure in the home can lead to health problems like “bleeding, internal organ damage, mental impairment, cancer, and … Read More

The 3 Main Types of Water Damage

3 types of water damage

Here at Elite Restoration, we deal with a lot of water damage situations. It happens more than some people might realize, and we know it all too well – it’s the most common problem we get called in for! Because it’s so common, we like to share tips and prevention methods regarding this devastating dilemma with our customers and community … Read More

How to Repair Water Damaged Carpet

How to repair water damaged carpets

If your home is a victim of water damage, whether it’s from a broken pipe, a flooded bathroom, or a malfunctioning appliance, or if it’s from a natural source such as melting snow or excessive rain, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to ensure the life of your flooring. Carpet can be especially needy when it comes to water … Read More

Flooded Toilet. Now What?

What to do if your bathroom floods

There’s no need to be embarrassed: we’ve all been there before. Maybe too much toilet paper was used, maybe a toddler put something in there they shouldn’t have, or maybe it was something even less appealing…but we’ve all experienced a clogged toilet. And many of us haver also experienced the panic and frustration of an overflowing toilet. “How does that … Read More