How to Prevent Water Heater Damage

Burst Water Heater

When people think about damaged homes, often their minds go straight to fire, and rightfully so: fire is devastating! But it’s important to remember that water can be just as destructive to a home. We have a variety of good tips on preventing water damage in your home in Twin Falls, Burley, and Meridian. But what if we narrow it down … Read More

Community Home Run Derby Fundraiser

There seems to be nothing worse than a life-threatening illness, specifically cancer. And when cancer hits a young person, that can be especially devastating. But there is hope. Hope can come through different means for different people, and often hope comes in the form of the simple and sincere support of loved ones – friends, family members, church groups, peers, … Read More

Removing Mold From Your Drywall

moldy drywall

Drywall is like a vital organ for homes. It can help with functionality (such as sound-proofing), but one of its major benefits is safety. For example, most drywall helps with fire resistance and mildew prevention. However, that doesn’t mean that water damage can’t occur, and often, water damage leads to mold. What do you do if you suspect that some … Read More

Replacing Flooring After Water Damage

replacing laminate floors after water damage

Laminate is an increasingly popular choice when it comes to the flooring in people’s homes and businesses for many reasons. It’s affordable, beautiful, and easy to both clean and install – there are several pros to choosing laminate! But as with most things, there are also some cons. While laminate can handle some light moisture well, one major concern with … Read More

How To Restore Smoke Damaged Furniture

Smoke Damage Restoration

If your home or business has ever had a fire, then you know there can often be irreparable damage. However, depending of course on the severity of the fire, oftentimes some wooden furniture pieces can be restored! Perhaps you have an antique dresser, a lovely dining room table and chairs, or another piece of wood furniture that took on a … Read More

How to Prevent a House Fire In Twin Falls

How To Prevent A Housefire in Twin Falls

Twin Falls and the surrounding area is very dry come Spring time and is at risk for grass fires but knowing how to prevent a fire inside of your home is equally as important. Check for Faulty Wiring Faulty wiring and outlets are the leading cause for house fires in Twin Falls. Knowing how to properly take care electronics in … Read More

How to Prevent Water Damage

water damage

Pocatello is experiencing a much milder winter this year than last year, but that doesn’t mean residents should let their guards down when it comes to preventing water damage in their home. Here are six ways that Pocatello residents can protect their home from possible water damage during the winter and spring. 1. Check Showers and Tubs. Seal and caulking … Read More

What to Do If Your Home Suffers Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage Twin Falls ID

Last summer, those of us living in the Magic Valley were well aware of the wildfires here in Southern Idaho. We could see – and smell – the smoke for weeks! Thankfully, wildfires themselves don’t typically make it into the city limits (thanks to the efforts of hardworking local and volunteer firefighters!). But smoke damage can occur in our homes … Read More

Preventing Water Damage In Meridian Idaho

Water Damage in Meridian ID

Winter is here in Meridian! Whether you love the magic of a winter wonderland, or can’t wait for the warmer temperatures to arrive, it’s important to protect your home from possible water damage caused by melting snow. Here are seven tips and tricks to help you waterproof your home this season so that you don’t have to call a water … Read More

Preventing Water Damage in Burley Idaho

Preventing Water Damage in Burley Idaho

Last winter, the Mini-Cassia region of the Magic Valley was hit with massive amounts of snow, and as a result, massive amounts of water and flooding. This of course led to the damage of several roads, fields, and homes. Many of us who live in the Burley area want to be better prepared for whatever this winter season has to … Read More