How To Restore Smoke Damaged Furniture

Smoke Damage Restoration

If your home or business has ever had a fire, then you know there can often be irreparable damage. However, depending of course on the severity of the fire, oftentimes some wooden furniture pieces can be restored! Perhaps you have an antique dresser, a lovely dining room table and chairs, or another piece of wood furniture that took on a … Read More

How to Prevent a House Fire In Twin Falls

How To Prevent A Housefire in Twin Falls

Twin Falls and the surrounding area is very dry come Spring time and is at risk for grass fires but knowing how to prevent a fire inside of your home is equally as important. Check for Faulty Wiring Faulty wiring and outlets are the leading cause for house fires in Twin Falls. Knowing how to properly take care electronics in … Read More

How to Prevent Water Damage

water damage

Pocatello is experiencing a much milder winter this year than last year, but that doesn’t mean residents should let their guards down when it comes to preventing water damage in their home. Here are six ways that Pocatello residents can protect their home from possible water damage during the winter and spring. 1. Check Showers and Tubs. Seal and caulking … Read More

What to Do If Your Home Suffers Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage Twin Falls ID

Last summer, those of us living in the Magic Valley were well aware of the wildfires here in Southern Idaho. We could see – and smell – the smoke for weeks! Thankfully, wildfires themselves don’t typically make it into the city limits (thanks to the efforts of hardworking local and volunteer firefighters!). But smoke damage can occur in our homes … Read More

Preventing Water Damage In Meridian Idaho

Water Damage in Meridian ID

Winter is here in Meridian! Whether you love the magic of a winter wonderland, or can’t wait for the warmer temperatures to arrive, it’s important to protect your home from possible water damage caused by melting snow. Here are seven tips and tricks to help you waterproof your home this season so that you don’t have to call a water … Read More

Preventing Water Damage in Burley Idaho

Preventing Water Damage in Burley Idaho

Last winter, the Mini-Cassia region of the Magic Valley was hit with massive amounts of snow, and as a result, massive amounts of water and flooding. This of course led to the damage of several roads, fields, and homes. Many of us who live in the Burley area want to be better prepared for whatever this winter season has to … Read More

Preventing Mold in Bellevue Idaho

Mold Removal in Bellevue Idaho

Imagine you’re pulling into your driveway after a long day’s work. The last thing you want to do is cook dinner, but then you remember those delicious leftovers from the other day (or at least, you think from the other day). You change into your pajamas, turn on the TV, and get ready to warm up that tasty dish…only to … Read More

7 Ways Twin Falls Residents Can Protect Their Homes This Winter

Preventing Winter Damage in Twin Falls, ID

If you live in Twin Falls or its surrounding areas, then you know what an intense winter it was for the Magic Valley at the beginning of 2017 – considered the 12th largest that the area’s had in 100 years! There was massive flooding which eroded, collapsed, and temporarily closed down many roads, as well as closing schools and business … Read More

5 Ways to Prevent Wind Damage in Pocatello, ID

Preventing Wind Damage in Pocatello, ID

Eastern Idaho is no stranger to strong winds. In the last few years, there have been wind storms so strong, including one near Pocatello that hit 40mph and lifted a shed off of the ground; another wind storm that same year hit gusts of 45mph that even knocked down a tree! Wind damage can cause a wide range of destruction … Read More