Summer Home Improvement & Preventative Tasks

Cut out of a home on a yard

Summer is coming up fast!

This is a great time to work on home improvement and damage prevention efforts. Here’s a short list of different home upkeep and prevention tasks that you can tackle this Summer.

1. Wash Your Home’s Exterior

Summer is the perfect time to give your house a thorough washing and to check your paint, siding, and trim for issues. Rent a power washer (if you don’t own one already) or just use a garden hose. Once your house is clean, thoroughly inspect the house’s exterior for any problems. Peeling or cracked paint should be painted over. Cracked or weathered trim should be replaced. Finally, any loose or damaged siding should be removed and replaced. All these simple fixes can help improve your home’s appearance, and keep it safe from more serious future problems.


2. Inspect Concrete and Pavement

Driveways and sidewalks go through a lot of stress during the summer. Temperature changes, weeds, and constant use can wear down your pavement. Yes, weeds can cause issues! Weeds growing in and around your pavement aren’t just unsightly, they can also damage the concrete if they’re allowed to grow unchecked. They can even widen and deepen existing cracks in your concrete. Summer is a great time to repair cracks in your pavement, and pull or spray weeds to keep them in check.


3. Inspect Your Roof

Summer provides a great opportunity to check your roof for any obvious issues. In Southern Idaho, you usually don’t need to worry about leaks or heavy rains but windstorms can knock shingles loose or even off. Early mornings are a good time to climb up and check for missing shingles, clean out your gutters, and patch any obvious cracks or leaks. You’ll want to be sure that you take care of any roofing inspections or repairs before it gets hot outside. Rooftops can get extremely hot in the summer! A little work now can save you from dealing with serious problems in the Fall and Winter.

Check out our post for tips on cleaning your rain gutters.


4. Trim Trees, Shrubs, and Vegetation

You usually don’t want to trim any of your trees or shrubs during the early Spring. This is because the plants are in a vulnerable state as they wake up from their winter dormancy and first begin growing. Late Spring and early Summer however are a good time to get your plants under control! They should be well established by this time, and can handle a trim. Cut back plants regularly, especially ones that grow near the walls of your home or along the fence line. This will help prevent damage to your siding, fences, or external heating and cooling units. Of course there is also the added benefit of keeping your plants looking neat and healthy.


5. Inspect Filters, Vents, and Fans

Before you start up your air conditioner this year, take a moment to inspect your filters, fans, and vents. Any old or dirty filters should be replaced. This helps improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, as well as improve the air quality in your home. Noisy or damaged fans should also be replaced to make sure that your air conditioner is running at maximum efficiency. Finally, inspect your vents and clear them of any dust or debris. You can do this yourself with a vacuum, just be very careful not to use too much force or you might damage the ductwork. If it’s been a long time or if you don’t want to do tackle maintaining your HVAC system yourself, check with local HVAC companies to find the right services that will keep your home comfortable in the hot weather.