What do Restoration Companies Do?

Debris in a pile, in need of restoration

Updated 5/09/2023

When you hear “property damage restoration,” your first thought is probably of disasters such as fires or floods. The truth is that restoration companies handle a lot more than you might think! Furniture and contents restoration, biohazard cleanup, and damage prevention are just a few of the different services that a restoration company might offer. So, what exactly do those other services entail? Read on to learn more about some of the most common services that restoration companies provide!


Storm, Fire, Smoke, and Flood Restoration

Restoration companies are best known for working to restore buildings to proper condition after an emergency or disaster. Most often, this includes disasters such as fires or floods. Storm damage is a surprisingly common disaster here in Idaho. Our high wind speeds lead to toppled trees, and sometimes those trees end up in someone’s home. Restoration companies work to remove fallen trees, make repairs, and prevent further damage to a property.


Biohazard Remediation and Crime Scene Cleanup

A lesser-known role for some restoration companies is to remediate biohazards and perform crime scene cleanups. In these situations, it’s the job of restoration teams to help people move past a tragedy or accident and restore normalcy. Elite Restoration is committed to providing compassionate customer service and quick restoration to get things back in order as soon as possible. Learn more about our Idaho biohazard and crime scene cleanup services. Black water (sewage) cleanup also falls under the umbrella of biohazard cleanup since it requires specialized equipment.


Contents Cleaning and Restoration

Taking care of structural damage after an emergency is only part of the restoration equation. For many homeowners, furniture and personal belongings are part of what makes their house a home. When those belongings get smoke damaged or flooded, they need to be restored as well. Many restoration companies partner with specialized furniture cleaners to handle all of the restoration services in one go! This way, homeowners get to come home to a house and belongings that are good as new!


Damage Prevention & Board Ups

When disaster strikes, many home and business owners are at a loss on what to do next. If a home or business is left open to the elements or to vandalism, more damage can accrue on top of whatever the accident damage is. Many restoration companies offer board up services to prevent further damage from happening. This gives customers time to make arrangements, call insurance companies, and figure out their next steps. In events such as floods, damage prevention can include using special drying equipment to prevent mold and mildew growth while restoration work is ongoing.

Do you need Restoration Services in Idaho?

Elite Restoration serves Twin Falls, Boise, Meridian, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Bellvue, and Burley. With over 40 years of restoration experience, we have the skills and tools needed to get the job done right the first time. If you are in need of any of the services described above please contact us today.