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Mold Removal in Twin Falls, ID.

This project took place in Hailey, Idaho in 2016. Mold is often found in crawl spaces, attics, kitchens, and bathrooms; Areas with moisture, heat, and lack of air flow are mold's favorite environments. This homeowner called us to inspect the mold, specify the type, and determine the best possible treatment. After testing the mold, we determined that it was active, meaning it had the potential to do further damage. Mold can cause structural damage and potentially pose health risks if not remediated.

Our team made an appointment with the home owner to get our IICRC Certified and Mold Certified technicians to the site and begin the mold remediation process. The process took a couple of days to complete. Our technicians set up a containment to protect the air quality in the home and crawlspace. We use special technology like air scrubbers and negative air equipment to aid us in the scrubbing and sealing stages. A peroxide based chemical wets and removes the mold. To finish the job, an anti-microbial based sealer ensures no future growth of new mold. 

We take pride in your property and care about your safety. We often get calls during a buying or selling stage of a property. It’s always a good idea to check your crawl spaces for spotting on the subfloor or moisture on top of your vapor barrier. As always, take preventative action, and learn how to identify a mold problem - before it's too late.