Wind & Storm Damage Restoration in Idaho


Living in Idaho, wind damage can be catastrophic. Wind has been known to cause damage to roofs, siding, windows and other types of property and structures. In some cases, wind is followed by rain, hail, or snow causing even more damage to your property.

Elite Restoration is your calm after the storm. Our wind damage experts are prepared to handle whatever damage is left behind. We will safely remove all fallen objects and eliminate the dangers to you and your property. Our wind restoration techs will board up and secure your property from further damage and work with your insurance company through the process of repairing all damage caused by the wind. Elite Restoration offers wind damage restoration services in Twin Falls, Boise, Bellevue, Pocatello, Meridian, and Burley, Idaho.

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What are damaging winds?

Damaging winds are often called “straight-line” winds to differentiate the damage they cause from tornado damage. Strong thunderstorm winds can come from a number of different processes. Most thunderstorm winds that cause damage on the ground are a result of outflow generated by a thunderstorm downdraft. Damaging winds are classified as those exceeding 50-60 mph.

Who is at risk from damaging winds?

Since most thunderstorms produce some straight-line winds as a result of outflow generated by the thunderstorm downdraft, anyone living in thunderstorm-prone areas of the world is at risk for experiencing this hazard.

What damage do storms do?

During storms, tree branches or other falling debris can land on your roof. Some items are small and won’t cause an issue. Other items however, are so large that you will naturally be concerned about the possibility of damage to your property. Significant wind can cause shingles to blow off the roof decking. Missing shingles can lead to leaks and other interior damage. Some wind damage may not be easy to see. If the adhesive seal that provides proper water diversion on your roof’s surface is broken, water will potentially find its way into your home. Always be safe when checking for roof damage.

Use your best judgment and always be safe when checking for damage. Always have a licensed and insured restoration company inspect or assess the scope of damage to your home. Elite Restoration is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to respond and assess the scope of your damage caused by the wind. If you have damage from debris to your roof, siding, windows or doors, you may need to file an insurance claim. We will work with your insurance company through the process of repairing your damage.

What damage do storms do?

Damage from severe thunderstorm winds account for half of all severe reports in the lower 48 states and is more common than damage from tornadoes. Wind speeds can reach up to 100 mph and can produce a damage path extending for hundreds of miles.

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If a strong storm roars through, you may experience damage to your siding, broken windows, and shingles that the wind ripped off the roof. Homeowners insurance typically covers wind damage. Coverage also usually includes damage from hail, wind-driven rain or snow that gets inside the home when a roof or wall is damaged due to wind. Most policies also offer some coverage for fallen trees that damage your home, provided the tree broke because of a storm or wind. It is best to check with your insurance agent to be sure you have proper coverage prior to a disaster.

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