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Water Damage Restoration

If your Pocatello home has had a flood, our restoration technicians are here to help. Elite Restoration’s team specializes in water damage restoration to help repair even the worst flood damage. The Pocatello water damage restoration team has mastered the restoration industries best practices through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Home water damage often cause secondary issues like mold, structural damage, and other health hazards, so it’s important to make sure a professional restoration team mitigated the water damage correctly.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire damage and smoke damage are always stressful situations to deal with for any Pocatello homeowner. Our fire damage restoration team’s primary goal is to make your home as good as new and get you back in as soon as possible. Elite Restoration’s team of fire damage restoration experts are well equipped, trained professionals that get the job done right, as fire restoration is no easy task. Our team determines the extent of the fire damage, stabilizes your home and gets right to work removing, cleaning, and remediating the damage. Elite’s Pocatello fire damage restoration team is available 24/7 for all fire emergencies.

Wind & Storm Damage

Sever storms tend to come without warning, so prevent wind damage is often quite difficult. A lot of the time, storms bring snow, hail, rain, and flooding alongside the wind damage they cause to your property in Pocatello. Our wind damage restoration team makes sure the exterior damage is secured and immediate tarps and boards up your home when necessary. Elite’s Pocatello wind damage restoration experts use a large supply of commercial grade equipment to repair your roof, windows, chimney, and any other damage the wind may cause.

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally forming gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium deep within the Earth’s crust, slowly seeping into our homes through gaps in your foundation, cracks, and anywhere else air can leak in from the ground. Radon can build up in your Pocatello home and long term exposure can increase your risk of developing lung cancer. In fact, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, so it’s important to have a radon test done in your home. Our Pocatello radon testing team can come in and detect the density of radon in your home to determine whether or not your home needs radon mitigation. If it does, we can install a radon mitigation system that vents the radon from your home, keeping your home safe.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewer backups often start with something seemingly small like a clogged toilet, but can very easily grow into serious issues that should be handled by sewage cleanup professionals. When sewage leaks into your Pocatello home, it can contain bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous pathogens. Proper sewage cleanup is necessary to remove these harmful pathogens as well as minimizing the water damage that a sewage leak can cause. Our Pocatello sewage cleanup professionals will repair the sewage leak at the source and inspect your plumbing to prevent future sewage backups. It’s important to remember that a sewage backup must be treated as an emergency, so if you have a sewage leak, call your local sewage cleanup professionals.

Mold Remediation

Even in the dry weather, mold damage is quite common in Pocatello homes. Most strains of mold are harmless aside from the unpleasant odor, but some forms for mold can cause serious health issues. Unfortunately, even the generally harmless forms of mold can become airborne which can lead to allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory issues in sensitive people. Elite’s Pocatello mold remediation specialists are IICRC certified to removed all kinds of mold from your home and make sure it doesn’t return. If your home has been through flooding or water damage, it’s very common for mold damage to become a secondary issue if the damage isn’t responded to correctly, so it’s important to use a mold removal specialist.

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  • “Elite restoration responded to my flooded crawlspace in less than an hour. Their employees were polite and professional. I would definitely recommend Elite restoration to my friends!!!!!”

    -Carole Olson on Google

  • “Elite Restoration is a great company. They do fantastic work! Top of the line. Would highly recommend them.”

    -Kent Black on Google

  • “Provides excellent service and keeps great communication with the customer. I highly recommend Elite to helping make any situation you have a better one.”

    – Paul McLaughlin on Google

Portneuf Wellness Complex
Restoration Project in Pocatello, ID

“Near the end of January, 2018, two local juveniles were arrested for tagging the Portneuf Wellness Complex with spray painted words and images all the way across the back wall.

Those juveniles were arrested and charged, and just last week they went before the Bannock County staff and apologized for their actions.

But there was still a mess at the complex, a big mess that Greenwell says to his knowledge, isn’t comparable to any other action done by kids in the past.

And that’s where Elite Restoration stepped in, a local company that has only been in the area for about two years, and even they were blown away by the damage done.

‘This was definitely the biggest one I have been a part of myself,’ said Richie Turnbeaugh, Pocatello area manager for Elite Restoration. Both sides are thrilled with how it turned out.

‘We’re really happy with the contractors and the work they had done with the restoration. They were able to get the majority of everything off without leaving a residual of the spray paint,’ said Greenwell.

Greenwell says that while they are a tax-funded organization, this kind of case is above the usual maintenance for facilities, so it was paid for through an insurance claim.

The county has already received numerous calls from the community, expressing their satisfaction with the restoration job.”

elite restoration truck in front of portneuf wellness complex in pocatello idaho during a graffiti restoration job portneuf wellness complex restored free of graffiti

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Elite Restoration is Pocatello, ID’s fastest growing restoration company. With many years experience and deep roots stemming from Petersen Brothers Construction, you know you’re in good hands with any restoration project. Whether you’re dealing with flood damage, mold removal, fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, or wind damage, Elite Restoration can take care of you with our 24/7 1 hour response time. Contact Elite Restoration today for the best restoration services around! FireSmokeFloodWaterMoldWind

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Our Pocatello, ID Restoration Services

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damages are an extremely emotional experience and our trained team members can take care of you right away.

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Water and Flood Restoration

Water and Flood damage needs to be fixed immediately as it can cause other major problems. Our team is ready to go!

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Mold Removal and Restoration

There are many different types of mold and our team has what it takes to take care of your mold problem.

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Wind Damage Repair

Idaho has strong winds that tend to damage properties. Fixing the problem right the first time will save you money.

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